CPT Communications Web-Portal

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to the CPT Member Communications Portal.

We trust that this will be a great forum to share ideas and get the conversation started.

By now, you will have received your official welcome email with your login and password. As you will see below, we have populated the group calendar listing all of the scheduled CPT Meetings. Please explore the member section of our website and be sure to visit our BlackBoard where you can see all discussions and post any comments that you have here for the group to see – this will enable us move forward quickly on each deliverable. We will also share any information through the Files tab. As well, we have provided the contact information for all CPT Staff directly on the Membership Portal for ease of reference. We will also use the Blog to update you on any special events, research or news that is happening in between CPT Meetings. 

There is no obligation to use this new system and we still remain available to you by phone or email at any time.  Using the portal will allow you to bypass email, voicemail and telephone trees, and allow you to communicate with everyone at your convenience, 24/7. 

***Please note that this service is for non-urgent communication only*** If you need any information or require time-sensitive assistance, please contact the LEPC offices directly at 905.306.9588. You must be logged in to access this membership only area. 

If you require technical support, please contact Gail-Jacqueline Beckles at gbeckles@peelhaltonlepc.com