What is LEPC?

Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC) provides communities with the expertise and local labour market information to improve coordinated planning of employment and training services and meet community needs.

In late spring 2015, the provincial ‘Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ released a call for proposals to develop eight Local Employment Planning Council (“LEPC”) pilot sites intended to advance workforce planning at a local level. The Peel Halton Workforce Development Group (“PHWDG”) was established in 1996 as a not-for-profit community-based organization working to develop solutions to local labour market needs and issues. The PHWDG has been awarded one of these contracts, which is to run until September 2018.


Integrated Planning

The LEPC acts as a hub to connect employers, different levels of government, service providers, trainers, and other local partners to facilitate awareness of current labour market conditions and promote discussion in order to find targeted, relevant, need-based employment and training solutions for our community.


The LEPC helps to:

  • Improve employer participation rates in employment and training programs
  • Improve rates of service coordination among local service providers
  • Increase service coordination rates among EO providers operating in the community
  • Improve integrated local planning of EO and non-EO services among service providers


The LEPC Goals

The LEPC pilots are expected to improve local labour market conditions in Ontario by expanding regional autonomy, promoting stronger local linkages while broadening community and regional planning for economic development.

Under the direction of the PHWDG, the Peel-Halton Local Employment Planning Council (“LEPC”) creates a network of intermediaries committed to improving conditions in both Peel and Halton Region through:

  • Labour Market Information & Intelligence
  • Integrated Planning
  • Service Coordination for Employers
  • Research and Innovation
  • Sharing Best Practices