A tumbling unemployment rate. A looming retirement of baby boomers. The growing demand for workers. The state of precarious employment. This increased awareness around the enhancement of labour market participation (among all population groups) has grown and our research reveals those numbers. Uncovering clear pathways to further engage employers ensures both job seekers and employers can access benefits.. read more →

The Peel-Halton Local Employment Planning Council has released its 2017 community labour market report, which provides a comprehensive review of the local workforce and employers in the two regions. “Our data is local, timely and relevant,” explains Shalini Da Cunha, executive director of LEPC. The report identifies the key industry sectors in Peel and Halton.. read more →

Hiring new staff can be one of those daunting tasks that business owners either fear or flee.  However intimidating the hiring process may be (on both sides), mastering the Employment Contract is necessary to form a healthy working relationship from the start. Employment contracts set out the terms of the entire employment relationship.  The contract can.. read more →

Did you know that over 70% of all future jobs in Canada will need STEM-based knowledge or expertise?

There are many jobs that you might not have associated with STEM. STEM skills are important for scientists, mathematicians, and engineers —but also for many jobs, it requires basic STEM skills. Problem solving, understanding and applying innovative ideas. The pathways to a diverse range of career roles are in abundance, particularly in emerging industries and.. read more →