There are many jobs that you might not have associated with STEM. STEM skills are important for scientists, mathematicians, and engineers —but also for many jobs, it requires basic STEM skills.

Problem solving, understanding and applying innovative ideas.

The pathways to a diverse range of career roles are in abundance, particularly in emerging industries and the digital economy.

Think about it…

In business, you use STEM skills to prepare estimates for customers; budget expenditures, order supplies —and even promote your business online. All of these activities require you to apply basic skills in technology or mathematics.

We think STEM is always associated with technology but on the contrary! STEM includes Scientist, Technologist, Engineers, and Mathematicians. So what are the other jobs you didn’t know were STEM? 


They improve the efficiency and standards of the food industry and products associated with it. It’s in science.


Technical Writer

They write company how-to guides, instruction manuals, and other documents that support what the hiring company does.



Legal delivery is becoming tech and data-driven—which requires new skillsets. “Fewer lawyers will be engaged in ‘practice’ but many new ‘legal’ jobs that combine legal knowledge and other skillsets like technology, project management, business, etc.–have been and will continue to be created.



This one is often overlooked but those trained in bookkeeping, auditing, and analysis of accounts help prepare annual reports and financial statements. They advise on tax laws and investment opportunities for better business planning and decision making.



You’ll help them by assessing the stock market, bonds, and other areas investments are made and choose what fits their portfolio and budget. 



Baking is part science and part art. And hey, there’s math too! You have to perfect the measurements. Getting the perfect combination of taste and texture isn’t as easy as it sounds. 



They get to hang out with animals, study their behaviors and how they engage with their entire ecosystem created within the confines of the zoo.


Hopefully, this will get you thinking outside the box on varying career roles that could develop in the future to help you better prepare for a STEM economy.

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