NCON Sessions

2018 Winter Session- January 18, 2018

Host: The Canadian Coptic Centre

Presenters: Seema Taneja, Peel Halton LEPC Conusltant

Richard Pinnock, Walmart Canada

Theme:  Introduction to the LEPC Systems Map & 'Mastering Soft Skills'



2017 Fall Session – October 19, 2017

Host: Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Keynote: Rez Kabir, CHRP

Theme: “Engaging with SMEs: The Key to Settling Newcomers”

2017 Summer Session – July 20 ,2017

Host: Region of Peel

Keynote: Ben Earle, Independent Researcher and Management Consultant

Theme: “The High Skill Labour Market in Peel and Halton”

2017 Spring Session – April 20, 2017

Host: ACCES Employment

Keynote: Murali Murthy, The ACE World Foundation

Theme: “Build Your Competitive Edge. Gain Knowledge on the Latest Job Trends. Educate and Assist Your Clients with 15 Proven, Tested Job Search Strategies.”


2016 Winter Session – February 16, 2017

Host: COSTI Immigrant Services

Keynote: Rebecca Stulbert, Legal Content Developer and Project Manager, CLEO and Michelle Cader, Community Outreach Manager, CLEO

Theme: “Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO): Steps to Justice”

2016 Fall Session – November 23, 2016

Host: The Centre for Skills Development & Training

Keynote: Jesse Prager, Probation and Parole Officer & Annabelle Mezerra, Operational Manager

Theme: “The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services: Correctional Officer Information Session”

2016 Summer Session – August 25, 2016

Host: Centre for Education & Training

Keynote: Isabel Villeneuve, Program Coordinator, Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs)

Theme: “Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC): Professional Immigrant Associations – connecting immigrants to meaningful employment”

2016 Spring Session – May 25, 2016

Host: Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Keynote: Elga Nikolova, Community Liaison, Immigrant Access Fund (IAF)

Theme: “The Immigrant Access Fund: Micro-loans for training and Licensing”


2015 Summer Session – July 30, 2015

Host: Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Keynote: Susan Mangar, Project Lead, Magnet

Theme: “Magnet – An On-line Job Matching System”


2015 Winter Session – January 15, 2015


COSTI Immigrant Services, Mississauga


1) Jim Lamarche, Regional Coordinator, Alternative Career Pathways/NACC 2) Jim Crossley, Outreach Facilitator, Alternative Career Pathways/NACC


“Alternative Career Pathways: Your Future in Canada”

2014 Fall Session – October 9, 2014

Host: Region of Peel


1) Meredith Burpee, Supervisor, Human Services, Region of Peel 2) Bill Nicholson, Supervisor, Employment Services, Region of Peel 3) Will Stratton, Manager, KPMG’s Management Practice, Strategy & Operations 4) Stephanie Procyk, Manager of Research

Theme: 1) “Changes in Ontario Works” 2) “Canadian Learning Bond” 3) “Precarious employment: engaging employers in an agenda for change”

2014 Summer Session – July 10, 2014

Host: Newcomer Information Centre, CET


1) Nicola Graviano, Program Manager AVRR Pilot Programme, International Organization Migration (IOM) 2) Natalie Rosecky, Inland Enforcement Officer, Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Theme: “Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR)"

2014 Spring Session – May 1, 2014

Host: Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Presenter/Facilitator: 1) Elena Rakitskaya, Regional Coordinator, Alternative Career Pathways, National Association of Career Colleges 2) Beckie Tanaka, Director of Admissions, triOS College 3) Betty Scott, Senior Education Consultant, triOS College

Theme: “Alternative Career Pathways”


2014 Winter Session – January 16, 2014

Host: Costi Immigrant Services, Brampton

Presenter/Facilitator: 1) Adriane Beaudry, Manager, Volunteer Engagement and Programming, Volunteer MBC 2) Shaminda Perera, Assistant Manager, Community Engagement at Volunteer MBC

Theme: “Building Your Capacity Through Volunteering”

2013 Summer Session – August 16, 2013

Host: Region of Peel

Presenter/Facilitator: 1) Ranjana Mitra, Executive Director, Community Environment Alliance, 2) Chaya Chengappa, Manager, Programs & Operations, Community Environment Alliance

Theme: “Share-IT Reducing the Digital Divide” and “Green Skills Competency Assessment Tool”


2013 Winter Session - Jan. 17, 2013

Host: Polycultural Immigrants & Community Services

Keynote: Mark Patterson, Director of Research & Partnership Development, Ryerson University


“Who Plus You Program”

2012 Fall Session – Nov. 8, 2012

Host: Sheridan College, Mississauga Campus

Presenter/Facilitator: Rodel Imbarlina-Ramos, Mgr. of Corporate & Stakeholder Relations (Peel/Halton) TRIEC Rachel Crowe, TRIEC Rose De Veyra, Mgr. of Learning Initiatives, TRIEC

Theme: "Introducing TRIEC Campus"

2012 Summer Session ‑ July 12, 2012

Host: Centre for Education and Training, Newcomer Information Centre

Keynote: Racquel Sevilla, Mgr, Program Development, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) Nestor Perez, Founder and Managing Director of NJP Resources Inc. Sophie Duan, Chairperson and Co-Founder of the M-Bridge Culture Integration Society for Profes

Theme: Professional immigrant networks: immigrants helping immigrants gain meaningful employment

2012 Spring Session - April 18, 2012

Host: Family Services of Peel

Keynote: Stephen G. Largy, Program Coordinator, The Practice Firm for Persons with Disabilities.

Theme: Working – and disabilities – in the Canadian Workplace


2012 Winter Season - January 19, 2012

Host: Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre

Keynote: Stuart McAslan, Team Lead, IEHP Advisor Program ACCESS Centre, Healthforce Ontario, Marketing & Recruitment Agency

Theme: "Overview of the licensing process for International Medical Graduates (IMG) in Ontario"

Website: Health Force Ontario

2011 Fall Session - October 13, 2011

Host: COSTI Immigrant Services

Keynote: Gina Alexander, Director, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Theme: Untangling the prickly path to practice: the journeys of internationally trained lawyers in Ontario

2011 Summer Session - July 14, 2011

Host: Region of Peel

Presenter/Facilitator: Kirsten Barnes, Strategic Planning, Human Services Dept., Region of Peel

Theme: Consultation on Homelessness in Peel


2011 Spring Session - May 5, 2011

Host: Newcomer Information Centre

Keynote: Karen Dobbie, HR Manager, Trillium Health Centre

Theme: "Purple Cow"


2011 Winter Session - January 13, 2011

Host: Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Keynote: Laureen Reenie, Director, Peel Newcomer Strategy Group

Theme: "Peel Immigration Labour Market Survey "

2010 Fall Session - October 14, 2010

Host: Mississauga Library System

Keynote: Dr. Valerie Preston, York Director for Ceris - The Ontario Metropolis Centre and Professor of Geography at York University

Theme: "Immigration and Employment - Current Trend and Emerging Issues"

2010 Summer Session - July 8, 2010

Host: Sheridan College

Keynote: Colette Rivet, Executive Director, BioTalent Canada

Theme: "Connect to opportunities in the Canadian bio-economy"

Website: Biotalent

2010 Spring Session - April 8, 2010

Host: Newcomer Information Centre

Keynote: Kevin Maynard, CAE, Executive Director, Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

Theme: "The World is flat but Career Growth in Supply Chain is not"

Website: Supply Chain Canada


2010 Winter Session - January 21, 2010

Host: Mississauga Library System

Keynote: Marco Campana, Online Development Coordinator, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

Theme: Media Modernization, Millenials: "What is the future of Settlement work"

Website: Settlement At Work

2009 Fall Session - October 8, 2009

Host: Carine Strong, Director, Volunteer MBC (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon)

Keynote: Carine Strong, Director, Volunteer MBC (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon)

Theme: "Introducing Newcomers to Volunteering - using their unique gifts to give back to their community, creating opportunities to socially integrate in their new homeland"

2009 Summer Session - July 9, 2009

Host: The Centre for Skills Development and Training

Keynote: Jeny Wallace, Director Workforce Development, London Economic Development Corporation

Theme: "A Community Approach to Newcomer Strategies"

2009 Spring Session - April 16, 2009

Host: Newcomer Information Centre, Centre for Education & Training

Keynote: Rodel Imbarlina-Ramos, Manager, Corporate & Stakeholder Relations (Peel/Halton), Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

Theme: "Hire immigrants Roadmap," A new online resource enabling employers with strategies and tools to integrate immigrants more effectively."



2009 Winter Session - January 15, 2009

Host: Sheridan College

Keynote: Rekha Lakhani, Project Content Lead, Peel Immigration Web Portal, Region of Peel

Theme: "Web Immigration Web Portal"

2008 Fall Session - October 2, 2008

Host: Ontario Inter-Cultural Community Services (OICS)

Keynote: Armine Yalnizyan, Senior Economist, Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives. Honored first recipient of the Atkinson Foundation Award for Economic Justice. Received the Morley Gunderson Prize from the University of Toronto in 2003.

Theme: "The Growing Gap and What We Can Do About it. Trends in Incomes, Jobs, Public Policy & Poverty Reduction"

2008 Summer Sesison - July 10, 2008

Host: Mississauga Central Library

Keynote: Don Mills, Director of Library Services, Mississauga Library System

Theme: "Your Library - Today and Tomorrow, A Guide for Agencies Serving Immigrants"

2008 Spring Session - April 3, 2008

Host: Mississauga Community Connections

Keynote: Donna Messer, President, ConnectUs Communications Canada, former Broadcast Journalist and Entrepreneur

Theme: "Collaboration, Communication & Perseverance - Making it Work"


2008 Winter Session - January 24, 2008

Host: YMCA Employment Community Services, Mississauga

Keynote: Paula De Coito, Executive Director, The Social Planning Council of Peel

Theme: "Diversity in Peel/Halton/Dufferin"

2007 Fall Session - October 11, 2007

Host: Gateway Centre for New Canadians

Keynote: Golnaz Golnaraghi, Manager, Corporate & Stakeholder Relations, Peel & Halton Regions,Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

Theme: "Building Sustainable Relationships Toward Corporate Engagement"

2007 Summer Session - July 5, 2007

Host: YMCA Employment & Community Services, Mississauga

Keynote: Nuzhat Jafri, Executive Director, Global Experience Ontario

Theme: "How Can Newcomers Qualify for Professional Practice in Ontario

2007 Spring Session - April 12, 2007

Host: YMCA Employment & Community Services, Brampton

Keynote: Wendy Loat, Senior Admissions Policy Advisor and Manager, Comparative Education Service, Admissions and Awards, University of Toronto

Theme: "Helping New Immigrants: Making Sense of How Overseas Qualifications Fit into the Canadian System"


2007 Winter Session - January 11, 2007
Host: Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services (ICNSS)
Keynote: Bonni Titgemeryer, Managing Director, Employer's Choice
Theme: "Opening Doors - A perspective on Improving Employment Prospect for Newcomers to Canada"

2006 Fall Session - October 5, 2006
Host: Sheridan College
Keynote: Robb Till, Janet Gambrell, Sue Carpenter, Alice Li, Gary Closson
Theme: "Sheridan College Programs & Services, Language and Assessment Programs & Services, Job Connect/Job Finding Club/Mentorship Program, New initiative to fast track internationally trained individuals into technology occupations"

2006 Summer Session - July 6, 2006
Host: COSTI Employment Centre
Keynote: Sohail Khan, Project Manager, Skills International/Dorothy Solate, General Manager, COSTI
Theme: "The New Website"

2006 Spring Session - April 16, 2006
Malton Neighbourhood Services
Nancy Millward, Manager of Employer Outreach, World Education Services (WES)
"How WES helps employers identify top global talent"


2006 Winter Session - January 12, 2006

Host: Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre

Keynote: Sangeeta Subramanium, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

Theme: "How to work with stakeholders & employers to open up employment/co-op/mentoring opportunities for Internationally Trained Professionals"

2005 Fall Session - October 6, 2005

Host: Multicultural Inter-Agency Group of Peel

Keynote: Sharon Douglas, Assistant Director, Community Investment, United Way of Peel Region

Theme: "How community agencies can work together"

2005 Summer Session - June 23, 2005

Host: Four Corners Employment Centre

Keynote: Paula De Coito, Executive Director, The Social Planning Council of Peel

Theme: "The Focus & Purpose for the Newcomer Organizations Network"